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So, better late than never…


This year a small group of us decided to run the Dunwich Dynamo. It’s a 120 mile ride through the night from London Fields to Dunwich. The set up itself couldn’t be more stripped down and beautifully simple with electric tea lights illuminating the right turnings at each junction, although half the time there are plenty of other riders to follow. Our only concern was the forecasted storms but somehow we managed to stay dry.


The ride itself was quite amazing, going along winding country roads for the most part with rolling hills and beautifully murky scenery. For the first couple of hours we thought best to get into the spirit of things and make the most of the dozens of pubs which stay open late for the occasion. We soon knuckled down and the miles ticked over seamlessly.

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We stopped for some food in a massive church hall for a solid refuel of soup, bread, muffins, coffee…all the good things, and soon enough the sun started to come up.

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Three punctures and many miles later we were within the final agonizing mile of the beach front. The mileage paled in comparison to the intense fatigue and general mind fuck caused by riding through the night but the brief few minutes of sun when we reached the beach itself made everything worth it. The pebbles provided a comfortable enough bed to rest our weary heads for a bit before we all separated, some grabbing the coaches back and others getting in a few pints and a pub breakfast in.

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Big ups to the train service for providing bicycle carriages!


Bring on next year!



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To celebrate our good friends Steve Carty and Jocelyn Hebert coming back to London, Steve will be hosting his Toronto ride Monday Night Rehab for one night only. The route and all details will be revealed when we are all together. We meet at the usual place, Brick Lane Bikes at 7pm, leaving 7.30pm sharp. Get there as early as possible so you don’t miss out on the details. It’s going to be a pretty fast paced ride so get kitted up and bring your fastest steed!

Fear not for Tuesday’s ride, we will be relaxing after the intensity of tonight with a return trip to Grenwich. We will also be handing out the allfixedgear x bricklanebikes x eastlondonfixed kits to everyone who put in their pre-orders.

Hope to see you all there tonight!



On Friday 6th June, Jack hosted inaugural #howdeepareyourrims night, deciding to keep all details a secret. With a large group we headed south-east to the river via the cable street cycle route. By the entrance to the Limehouse Link, we stopped for the first competition: longest skid down a swooping cheese grater of a cycle path. Many riders held their skid around the first corner and down, but Barrington won the competition making it all the way down. Jack ripped down to the blue line of his durano’s and many more tyres and tubes were lost. Highlights had to be Jevi receiving a bullet hole straight through. Luckily Moses was en route and kindly detoured to pick a replacement tyre and tube.


Punctures repaired and we were heading off to the Isle of Dogs and Milwall Park for trackstanding contests and beers. Marlon held out longest and won the twister style tournament.


We were soon crossing the river to our final stop, the Cutty Sark. With an expanse of smooth floor, the Cutty Sark lit up in its glory and the moon full, everyone continued in trick contests and a and epic kick the can and longest skid battles.

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Thanks to Jack for organizing the prizes from @fltodd, patchmaker over in the States, Moses for providing the beats and everyone for making it a memorable night.